“No words really exist to adequately describe Marya Michael’s abilities to assist someone to clarify their exact problem and find out how to get on the road to remedying it. Let me say this: I would not want to go through life again without having access to Marya and her extraordinary intuitive gifts to help me move forward.”

Vicki Worthington
Co-Owner, WorthingtonJames(TM) Communications

“Marya Michael is a gifted and insightful instructor who helped me to develop more confidence in a collegiate classroom. She observed my teaching style at the George Washington University and immediately provided key suggestions to make the classroom come alive. Her coaching is so specific and tailored to the client – it is amazing! Marya is also an excellent lecturer, challenging students to explore unique personal insights. Her approach enabled them to step outside of themselves to experience the joy of the moment.”

Cindi Rauert
Instructor, George Washington University, Washington, D.C

“Marya Michael provides health recommendations based upon a deep analysis that provides an understanding of the person’s deepest energetic patterns and how they relate to the major centers and organs, especially the endocrine system and nervous system. Metabolic and nutritional flaws may also be sighted. Marya clarifies subtle and historic emotional patterns that are impacting one’s health, and provides specific individualized suggestions to release those patterns. Marya has a unique and powerful ability to reveal the deepest truth in a loving and direct way that truly inspires people to adopt healthier and happier lifestyles.”

Richard Power, PhD, Licensed Nutritionist

“Marya is a gifted facilitator who offers a unique and valuable service the business world greatly needs. She has helped me gain specific and practical insights into critical business challenges. Her intuitive insight has proven to be essential in unlocking the solutions hidden in complex organizational problems and issues.”

Harrison Snow
Director, Team Building Associates

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“Marya Michael gave me one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive…the ability to feel and capture my power again. Imprisoned in an abusive relationship, I needed the strength and the knowledge that I was going to be able to come out of it and survive. Marya’s coaching brought me confidence in my decision, light and love to my spirit, and courage to continue to move forward and do what I needed to do. Her insight has continued to guide me as I have come through the worst of that situation, and am rebuilding my ‘new life’ through her inspirational support.”

Jody Maki, CEO, GirlOnFireDC | GirlOnFire NY, LLC

“Marya has helped me with both physical and emotional issues. She provides an understanding of the truth underneath the perception and her words resonate deeply to change my awareness as she speaks. She often recommends practices that I can do to continue my shift in awareness. Her love and compassion provide continuing blessings following the session. My husband and son have also found great value in working with Marya.”

Stephanie Snow, Educator, VA

“I found Ms. Michael to be an angel in dealing with me and my many anxieties concerning my son…She dealt with us with great skill and sensitivity. Marya understands what’s important and what isn’t.”

Parent, Glebe Elementary, Arlington, VA

“Marya’s wisdom, discernment, and empathy enabled my daughter, a recent college graduate, to find perspective for the type of work environment in which she now flourishes.”

Meg Soper Stallings, Soper Studios, Silver Spring, MD