Balance and greater sense of living

I have been a teacher of diverse groups of adults and children for over thirty years, both in public schools and as a spiritual teacher in the private sector.  I remain very grateful that my journey led me to teach many children whose families immigrated  from challenged parts of the world, such as El Salvador, Cambodia, Viet Nam and Afghanistan.

These children inspired me to discover my life purpose. Who really knows how to love without constraint in this world?  Very young children do.

Focusing upon the inner life of my students became paramount.  I soon learned that love, joy, kindness and respect is what creates collective harmony.

A pivotal physical shift occurred during an experience while on retreat in the Southwest. I became energetically aware of the power of love that exists within the earth.  I aligned with something more intense and obvious that caused me to feel and examine the power of love that is one with the planet and with humanity, whether we are aware of it or not. Having this ongoing experience in relation to the natural world is very powerful, and a tremendous gift if one is open to explore it. We all have access to it.

Since that first experience, I have continued to open up to and explore the  premise that the essence of love is one with the earth.  It is potentially one with all of life and every undertaking.  It isn’t necessary to do much.  To simply say “Yes!” to the power of rooted and healing love is the first step.


B.S., Early Childhood Ed., University of MD., 1972

Masters plus 30, Elementary and Multicultural Ed., 1984

Teacher Training in Meditation, 1973 and YogaRhythmics, 1997

Soulful Mentoring and Leadership Training,Center for Soulful Living, Ivins, Utah, 2007

Minister Training, Ordained by the Center for Soulful Living, Ivins, Utah, 2008