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Remaining awake and consciously informed about what is going on in the world is important. Yet, one can easily become overwhelmed if the power of joy isn’t integrated into everyday life, no matter what is going on. Have you considered that joy may be a daily necessity, not a frill? Or is it something we resort to out of naiveté in the face of a more “responsible” orientation so that we can more clearly decipher what is going on in our world? That is doubtful.

One of my greatest teachers on the topic of joy was one of my five-year-old students, who is now, appropriately enough, a student of music. On the last day of school he whispered, “Ms. Michael, somewhere in your brain there is always fun.” (Whether he was referring to my teaching approaches or his blooming life philosophy wasn’t clear, but his message was). I remain grateful for my student’s incredibly insightful words! I now share this simple, yet profound wisdom with people of all ages.

Have you ever noticed that children live, breathe and insist upon joy? Could it be that they are so deeply aligned with the power of joy that they can’t move out of it without deep resentment? They know something that most of us have forgotten. How could children possibly fathom or accept adult priorities that so often generate a mood of seriousness where the resulting feeling in the room feels heavier, less light and very complicated.

Young children don’t initially distinguish between work and play. Where does this life orientation go over time? It retreats deep within the love center of the body, the human heart. Its role is often undervalued and misunderstood.

If given repeated opportunities, a person’s heart will open up and regain its original oneness with the mind. This life orientation can change one’s life, even in the midst of a burdened world.