Throughout the ages, the earth has rarely been recognized as a source of love, though there is commonly an underlying appreciation for all that it generously provides. Its purifying and restorative nature is a constant gift.  And yet, there is also a healing essence within the earth that expresses itself as a subtle, yet powerful, source of love. It is available to those who say “Yes!” to positive change.

Seven years ago, my human and spiritual journey shifted in an astounding and unpredictable way. A pivotal physical shift occurred during an experience while on retreat in the southwest. I became energetically aware of and aligned with the power of love that exists within the earth. 

Since that time, there has been what I experience as an earth and light energy, on a physical level. For me and others I have worked with, it is a more freeing alignment that is one with the earth and humanity. That heart earth connection can improve or shift a situation or problem more quickly than approaches that I utilized in the past.  Ultimately the experience I’m here to provide is all about the power of love. 

My purpose in conducting personal sessions is to lovingly gift each individual with a richer experience of love, allowing one to open up the dense energetics and thoughts that prevent a clearer soul alignment and healing for the physical body. I assist you by identifying the unknown root of any challenge while releasing the obstacles together with you. At the same time, you will learn to continue this process on your own. 

A wide variety of life challenges are addressed. I will help you to become more sensitive to influences outside of yourself that are not in support of self-worth and self-love. One or more sessions can be focused upon relationships, career, business, family, and more. (See Testimonials for more information).  My work is deeply soul based and is not based upon any philosophy.  


 Some Testimonials

“No words really exist to adequately describe Marya Michael’s abilities to assist someone to clarify their exact problem and find out how to get on the road to remedying it. Let me say this: I would not want to go through life again without having access to Marya and her extraordinary intuitive gifts to help me move forward.”

Vicki Worthington, Co-Owner, WorthingtonJames(TM) Communications


“Marya Michael is a gifted and insightful instructor who helped me to develop more confidence in a collegiate classroom. She observed my teaching style at the George Washington University and immediately provided key suggestions to make the classroom come alive. Her coaching is so specific and tailored to the client – it is amazing! Marya is also an excellent lecturer, challenging students to explore unique personal insights. Her approach enabled them to step outside of themselves to experience the joy of the moment.”

Cindi Rauert, Instructor, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

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